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WORK DAY, ETC notice

Fellow GRGC Members:

I would like to thank all members who have came down to lend a hand with the renovations with the exterior of the club and other maintenance the past month, i know it wasn't easy due to the amount of issues that we encountered with relation of the buildings age. In saying that 3 of the 4 walls are completed, all new windows and doors were also installed and again thanks to those who came down to lend a hand, it was greatly appreciated!

I have a few notices that I would like to pass on.
-    First, this coming Saturday (Nov 11 at 0830) we will be "hopefully" holding our last day of renovations for the year for the club house. We have one wall left to finish (the back wall). What we have left to do with the back wall is to replace some of the wood due to rot and age, and install new siding on it. There is also a few pieces that need to be re-secured on one other wall due to high winds we recently had. I ask of all members who are able to lend a hand please do so. The more hands the less work and the quicker it is done. As the old saying goes, Many Hands Make Light Work. In saying that I again encourage all who are able to attend please do so (if able to attend please bring tools which may be required for task at hand).

-    Second, the water to the club have been shut off and system pressurized for the up coming winter so there is no water usage at the club. Signs have been posted to notify members upon entrance to club.

-    Third, spent casings.... it has been noted several times again that there are members who are using the range but are not picking up their spent casings and leaving them in piles on the ground. There are several buckets on the shooting platform and on the range itself for spent casings, There is also a bucket specifically for non-brass casing. Please pick up and sort the casings accordingly.

-    Fourth, there will be a one day range booking between the November 20th and 24th. The renter is currently working on what day with the VP, but once that is figured out the members will be notified.

-    Finally, there will be a quick general clean up this Saturday as well before the club and range goes into (winter mode).

Again, thanks to all who have helped with the club past summer and also helping us new directors. It has been greatly appreciated and we are looking forward to working with all of you again next year!

Looking forward to a good turn out this Saturday!

GRGC President
Stephen Oldford

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