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Official First Range Day of 2017

Good evening all Gander rod and gun club members.

I'm writing you this evening to inform you that a date and time has been selected for our first range day of 2017. The date that has been chosen is June 17, and a start time of 0830. There is a number of things the board of executives would like to attempt to tackle and possibly finish on this range day. Some goals being more of a focus point than others but with more helping hands the greater the chance for the list to be completed. The list is as follows:

- replace damaged sandbags on pits.
- top up sand in pits.
- sort brass for recycling. - lime and fertilizer for berm grass.
- grass seed and fix moose damage to #3 &4 bullet catch.
- trim alders along road.
- build building range access gate.
- clean interior of clubhouse.
- the possibility to build or reorganize shelves in utility room.
- clean up brass and shotgun wads.
- orientation and process new members.
- trim/mow grass as required.
- selective trim trees behind clubhouse for "scenic view" when the patio is completed.
- paint shooting benches.
- paint red line on the shooting platform.v - build couple more shooting benches.
- repair firing line red flag/replace with larger
- tear down old trap scoring shack to the left of pistol range.

A few things I would also like to mention is as follows:

- I know we have never had a excellent turn out for our range days, I don't know if its due to members not knowing other members, have no access down the road, members are working, out of town, etc... but a range day means the range is NOT ACTIVE, hence forth I would like to encourage and invite all members to come down and bring friends, family members, co-workers, etc... The more down there the quicker and more productive we will be. Also there is no charge for the non-members to come down and give us a hand, the bonus to this is they may become interested in joining the club which would be greatly beneficial to us as a whole. Pass the word along, get the club noticed, make us known to the town and surrounding area that we are here for shooting enthusiasts and hunters. Again I would like to reiterate you DO NOT have to be a member to come down on the 17th to give a helping hand.

- All new members that haven't received their range orientation are asked and encouraged to attend. Many of us will be on hand to give you all new members the guide lines on what will be expected from you while operating at the range. We will be having new membership forms on hand for the chance of non-members coming down and would like to become a member.

- Ones that do attend I ask of you to bring any tools that you have that would help complete our projects, whether it be a chainsaw, a hatchet, broom or a paint brush. Anything you can think of that will help us, please bring down with you. The club does not have every tool that will be needed so that's where I ask you the members to step up to the plate and help us maintain the excellent job that has been done by the the past president, vice president and their executives.

- Lunches, beverages, etc, will be provided by the club for your participation. Also it being the first big clean up, there will be a draw for all members and non-members that come down to participate.

I look forward to seeing and meeting many of you down to the range on the 17th. If you have any questions feel free to email us and we will get back to you.

GRGC President
Stephen Oldford

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