IPSC target shooting is a full out action sport that involves hitting various types of paper and metal targets as quickly and accurately as possible.
There can be moving targets, knockover targets, penalty (no-shoot) targets, etc.
There can be obstacles to climb over, crawl under, shoot through or just plain avoid.
Participants will have to move, reload, overcome minor equipement failures, and still hit the targets all while being timed!
All of this is done under strict safety rules and close supervision by Range Safety Officers so it isn't at all as dangerous as the above description might suggest.
After the firing stops, the score is tallied up for points and then divided by the time it took to shoot to reach a final score!
As you might see, getting very high points but a very slow time might still allow a participant to compare favourably with someone who gets so-so points but a very quick time.

The Gander Rod And Gun Club is continuing a scheduled program for this sport, concentrating mostly on pistol. The rules used will comply with those published by the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC).

In addition to equipment approved under IPSC rules, this program also allows ANY pistol caliber such as .22 rimfire. Basically, if you have a pistol that is in servicable condition, we'll figure out a way to allow you to compete with it.
A good gun belt, usable holster and magazine pouches are an asset but again, we can make it work without them for those just starting out.

IPSC can be an exhilarating shooting game. You may choose to just take it slow and enjoy the target shooting aspect. You may compete against yourself as you try to get a perfect points total or higher "hit factor" each time you compete. Or you may choose to go all out at a match and vie for top score and honours in your division.

The IPSC Program will consist of regular league practice days for now.

IPSC Program Prices:
Daily practice fee: $5.00
Non-member daily range use fee: $10.00

IPSC League
IPSC league practice days will be held on published Saturdays from 2:00PM until dusk.
These days may be cancelled if there are not enough volunteers.
Please check the Events page for known cancellations.
Members and non-members of all abilities are welcome.
Please note that restricted firearms (including all handguns) require specific legal paperwork (licence, ATT) to legally transport to a gun range.
There are no age requirements provided a parent is comfortable in letting their child participate. Regardless, all participants are expected to be able to operate a firearm safely after instruction.
Participants must wear appropriate eye and ear protection and are expected to bring their own firearms and equipment as "loner gear" is not available at the club.
Daily competitions may be organized at each practice for those who opt to participate.

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